Dárctics: Intergalaxy Health - WormHole Thinking -Kremlin-Rijksoverheid-Darctic-2dec2021-Power-Harvest-Intergalaxy-Health-EQ-RepubliekNL-D66.pdf

Its Possible to design a 100% New World in a Transparant bubble, next to the Devil. Think & say the right thing ... and you will be able to be your Good - self and Construct the Good - world.

1 Building block full Honesty per Day.

Make it a habit to create 1 Block for Evolution of Honesty, daily.

Always construct your Frame in the Eye of the Public, for Calmness.

Always work for your Personal DNA, but do Mixfix this Part of Evolution with that of your Neighbour.

Never, be too Afraid to construct the Good-world.

When the Devil is enormous, you must design & construct a Hugh Good-world Network. This can feel like 'tricky business'...

Don't worry!

Your create a whole New good World, so 'one Day you will be able to Catch up with Yourself on a Hugh Network; to discover that all your earlier moves ... fall into Place, perfectly'. Or, at least they fall into Place for Good Evolution.

When your Heart is in a Good Place, your behavior will adjust to it.

When your behavior is doing the Good Thing, all thats Bad is a Learning-block.

When a Day 'seems to be constructed of Bad blocks', you are in 'Enforced Evolution'. SpaceLab observes you ... and pushes you 'to do the good thing'.