What started as an International Criminal Court case against Netherlands, in May 2007... is now the Evidence of the Criminal Political process ... that results in Worldwar3.

When ICC would not have been a Low-intelligent Court of Law, we would not have Vaccin-genocide / Total Control terror on Earth today.

We would not have the War-thing between Ukraine - USA - Russia - Europe.

We would not have Sabotaged Elections in NL - EU.

We would not have troubled children, already polluted with Self-spreader Vaccins Air Pollution.

We would not have always lying media; happy to kill more humans.

We would not have bankrupties of Compagnies.


Botanica Parlement Republiek Nederland


Interim Minister President Désirée Stokkel

RepubliekNL geeft Schadevergoeding voor Covid Doden.

Wereldoorlog 3 is gestart voor Rijkdom Elite; ook door NCTV.